How to Make the Best Cookies!

cookiesCookies are almost certainly everyone’s favorite snack. It is always pleasant to have cookies and they can be had at a number of diverse occasions, such as during a picnic. However, if you only keep on buying cookies whenever you plan to organise a special occasion for your family, you may end up spending quite a fortune on them. Taking that into consideration, perhaps it is a wise idea to start learning how to make your own cookies. With the right guidance, you, too, can come up with cookies whose taste people are not likely to forget for a long time.

So, first of all, you need to prepare quite a few things. These things include an electric mixer and its spoon, measuring cup, measuring spoons, oven, mixing bowls, cookie sheet, cookie tins, plastic wrap, graph paper, pen or pencil and also a refrigerator. If you think everything is ready, you can start making your homemade cookies. To do that, you can start by making a set of cookie dough. However, you need to keep in mind that you are not supposed to bake the dough. What you need to do instead is to put it into the mixing bowl you have prepared. The bowl does not necessarily have to be large, though, as long as the dough can fit in. Then, you need to cover the dough top with the plastic wrap prepared earlier above.

If you think you can easily make cookies just within a single day, you are, unfortunately, very mistaken. When you have covered the dough using the plastic wrap, it is now time to store the dough inside the refrigerator. Otherwise, we won’t even need a refrigerator in the first place. You need to store the dough there for two days at the minimum. It is of utmost importance that you make sure the dough does not leave the refrigerator at all during the two days.

Now, two days later, you can start baking your dough. To do that, you need to insert the dough into an oven. However, you need to jot down how long you bake the dough in the oven. For your information, the duration can vary based on the oven you use.

Now that your first set of cookie dough has been completed, it is time for you to start making the second set. With this second set, there is no need for you to store it in the refrigerator just as you would the first set. Instead, you can bake the second set of cookie dough right away, but the duration of the baking in the oven should exactly match the duration of the baking of the first set. If you think that the first set is already cooling down, putting it into a container is a great idea. Don’t forget to mark it as number one, though, so that you know it is your first set of cookie dough.

When all is said and done, you now have two sets of baked cookies. All you need to do next is simply to stick the two sets together. Then, you may also want to give someone else the cookies and see what they think about the taste, whether it is good or it still has rooms for improvements.


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